Schools For India – UK is an organization that has pledged its efforts to building schools in the poorest areas of India where education has been mostly unavailable, to date. Our founder’s goal is to construct and run 6000 state of the art school facilities – preschool through high school – including the arts and vocational technical training on-site. The youth and adults will be given opportunities to earn a living without having to leave their villages in search of jobs in the city.

We are a group of individuals dedicated to improving the lives of children and families. We come from both India and the UK, and have various professional backgrounds. We are business owners, IT professionals, and early childhood educators.

Individuals who are moved by this cause can join in the effort by making donations of their time and talents. Individuals are needed to volunteer to help organize events, give direction to the efforts in India, and act as a steering committee for the various districts where schools are being built.

How can you help? Schools For India – UK is raising money and building a volunteer base to support the school districts. Donations from individual members and Corporate Donations will fund this excellent effort. If you are interested in joining Schools For India to build schools and improve the lives of millions, then click on the Member and Volunteer links to learn more.