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SCHOOLS FOR INDIA has three types of Members namely Member Unit, Member Cluster and Member-State.
A Member-Unit is a Member who will be associated with the development and progress and entitled to receive information pertaining to a specific school to be set up by SCHOOLS FOR INDIA.
As a Member-Unit you will have the role of monitoring the building of a specific Unit and will posses authorized access to monitor the said Unit from the time of its conception, through building of the Unit and running of the Unit after it is successfully constructed.
A Member-Cluster is a member who will be associated with the development and progress and is entitled to receive information pertaining to all the schools to be set up by SCHOOLS FOR INDIA in a specific district.
As a Member-Cluster you will have the role of monitoring the building of all Units in a specific Cluster and will posses authorized access to monitor each of the said Units in the Cluster from the time of its conception, through building of the said Units and running of the said Units after they are successfully constructed.

Role of a Member: A Member-State is a Member, who is elected from amongst the Member-Clusters associated with a specific Cluster and by the Member-Clusters and Member-Units associated with that Cluster to act as the head Member of that Cluster.

Each Member-State will have the role of actively overseeing building of all Units in a specific Cluster and will posses authorized access to monitor each of the said Units in the Cluster from the time of its conception, through building of the said Units and running of the said Units after they are successfully constructed.

The Member-States of the various Clusters will be the representative of the Member-Units and Member-Clusters associated with their specific Cluster and will work closely with the Trustees and other staff of SCHOOLS FOR INDIA in conceptualizing, building and running as the case may be, of the Units in the specific Cluster to which they are associated.

A Member-State is to hold such post for a period of one year, and no Member is eligible for re-appointment as a Member-State whether for the said Cluster or for any other Clusters.

No person can act as the Member-State for more than one Cluster. In the event, the post of a Member-State becomes vacant due to resignation, removal, death, incapacity or any other reason, the Member-Clusters and Member-Units of that particular Cluster shall re-elect a Member-State who shall hold such post till the end of the year, and if such person has served as Member-State for less than 6 months, then he/she may be eligible for re-appointment for the next year as well.

It is expressly stated that the election process for electing the Member-States for each Cluster is conducted solely by the Member-Clusters and Member-Units of the said Cluster and SCHOOLS FOR INDIA will not be a party to such election process and will not in any manner be held liable for any claims, damages, etc arising in this regard.

Responsibilities and Opportunities of a Member:

The core responsibilities of a Member, whether you are a Member-Unit, Member-Cluster or Member-State are as follows:

• To provide lasting moral support for the Unit(s) with which you are associated.

• To ensure that the planning, building and running of the Unit(s) with which you are associated takes place in keeping with the objectives for which SCHOOLS FOR INDIA was established.

• To provide all assistance and required inputs to SCHOOLS FOR INDIA to enable uniformity in quality of construction of the Units as well as in the education imparted in the Units and to ensure that costs in connection with planning, building and running of the Units is minimized.

• To participate in all the crucial meetings, that will be conducted to decide the sites, building specifications for the Unit (s), and other related matters from time to time. The meeting schedule will be published in the website and the members would also be intimated through e-mail.

• To assist SCHOOLS FOR INDIA to overcome all hurdles for initiating and running the Unit(s), by providing actual and moral support to us.

• To participate in the site visits as and when necessary to ensure that the various agencies engaged by SCHOOLS FOR INDIA are performing their duties and tasks as per our stated objectives.

• To help in identifying the required volunteers from time to time for completing the necessary tasks in connection with the conception, building or running of the Unit(s) as and when needed.

• Any other responsibility or duty which you voluntarily take on in your role as a Member whether as a result of your interactions with other Members / Trustees / employees of SCHOOLS FOR INDIA or otherwise.

Privileges of a Member

As a Member of SCHOOLS FOR INDIA you will be entitled to the following privileges:

• Online access to information relating to a specific Unit / Cluster as the case may be.

• To get the SCHOOLS FOR INDIA monthly newsletter by email.

• Access to the Cluster Celebrity, through e-mail and meeting him/her for the annual meeting.

A Cluster Celebrity is very well known celebrity from any of the field and  volunteers to support a particular cluster.

The cluster celebrity would be a person from anywhere in the world but would like to volunteer for development of the education for underprivileged children in the world and India in particular.

The celebrity would be actively taking part in each of the school project for a particular cluster and will  also work with the members.

• Access to the Unit(s) sites with prior permission from the Cluster Manager,and the SCHOOLS FOR INDIA support staff at each location.

Pilot Update

The stakeholders meeting to discuss the School Project

Schools for India, is currently engaged in the State of Bihar, India to build the first pilot school in Jotuka village. The village community has come together to support the project by donating 10 Acres of land. Total of 13 villagers pledged their support during the meeting held on 30th Dec 2011. The District Collector and DM of Darbhanga was present during the community interaction meeting.

The project will be executed in three phases with the Higher secondarycoming up in the first Phase, the classes from kinder garten to 10th standard will come up in phase 2 and the community center, science center, integrated sports complex will come up in the third phase. The school and other integrated infrastructure will be spread over an area of 20 acres making this as the center of excellence for minimum 100 villages benefiting around 2.5 Lac people

The school will have the capacity of 3000 children catering to the villages in and around Jotuka, Manigachi Block, Darbhanga District.

As a first step, the community will form a trust to manage the project, and work closely with district administration. The classes are expected to start from April 2013. During the period of April 2012 to March 2013, the villagers will be trained in project management, vocational training so that they can become the resource center for building other schools in the district.

The District Collector, R.Lakshmnanan promised support and asked the administration to look for supporting infrastructure needed to make the project a sucess.

Schools for India, is building schools in rural India with community ownership to provide free and quality education to the rural children.


What kind of work?

Schools for India is  currently in the process of conducting  surveys of all  districts in India. We are gathering all the data in the public domain relating to various villages,the population, literacy levels,the number of schools etc.Based on this research Schools for India will hire professional marketing/survey agencies to conduct door to door survey to identify where we need to build the schools. Presently we need volunteers who can perform the secondary research for the districts across India.

If you have the conviction that you can be part of this project, and willing to spend your time and energy, in what ever way you can, when ever you can, how ever you can, you are welcome to participate in this nation building activity. Who ever you are, you are welcome…

Types of Volunteers: Mind, Body and Spirit

You can be a Mind –Volunteer focusing on creating the plans, processes, and do work virtually, You can be anywhere in the world, but connected to the work that is happening in India.

You can be a Body-Volunteer on the ground,working  shoulder to shoulder  with the local communities, sharing their dreams and sweating it out to make it a reality.

You can be the Spirit-Volunteer with Good will, spreading the word and ensuring the success of each and every building of learning that will come up all over India

Volunteering: What you can do?

Schools for India, intends to build schools in every district in India. This involves creating and maintaining a data base pertaining to each and every district.

The secondary research involves gathering of complete district information.

Information pertaining to the villages in the district, the population, details of existing schools, etc.

Volunteer Privileges:

Schools for India will provide an e-mail account for every registered volunteer. You will also receive the weekly newsletter. The volunteers will have access to the various portals and online resources of Schools for India.
Find below the step by step guide to becoming a volunteer:

Step 1: Identify the district in India for which you would like to work for.

Step 2: Send an email to confirming your intent to be a volunteer.
Step 3: Based on acceptance fromSchools for India, you will be attached as a volunteer for that district. You need not be in that district physically.
Step 4: You will get the template in which you need to start collecting the information about the district. You can do online search and get acquainted with what is happening in that district.
Step 5: After completing analysis of the district you can send the information to Schools for India to be published in the website.
Step 6: The district level project plan will be made and sent to you, so that you can start working with others in the district towards building the schools.
Do I need to be in India to be a volunteer? No, you can be anywhere in the world, but accessible through e-mail.
Do I need to pay any fee or contribute monetarily to the project? No, you need not contribute monetarily.
If I incur any expenses while performing the work, will I be reimbursed? All expenses like travel etc would be reimbursed at actuals. You need to obtain prior permission from the Regional Director for such expenditure.