Pilot Update

The stakeholders meeting to discuss the School Project

Schools for India, is currently engaged in the State of Bihar, India to build the first pilot school in Jotuka village. The village community has come together to support the project by donating 10 Acres of land. Total of 13 villagers pledged their support during the meeting held on 30th Dec 2011. The District Collector and DM of Darbhanga was present during the community interaction meeting.

The project will be executed in three phases with the Higher secondarycoming up in the first Phase, the classes from kinder garten to 10th standard will come up in phase 2 and the community center, science center, integrated sports complex will come up in the third phase. The school and other integrated infrastructure will be spread over an area of 20 acres making this as the center of excellence for minimum 100 villages benefiting around 2.5 Lac people

The school will have the capacity of 3000 children catering to the villages in and around Jotuka, Manigachi Block, Darbhanga District.

As a first step, the community will form a trust to manage the project, and work closely with district administration. The classes are expected to start from April 2013. During the period of April 2012 to March 2013, the villagers will be trained in project management, vocational training so that they can become the resource center for building other schools in the district.

The District Collector, R.Lakshmnanan promised support and asked the administration to look for supporting infrastructure needed to make the project a sucess.

Schools for India, is building schools in rural India with community ownership to provide free and quality education to the rural children.